About Liquid Controls

Meet the original Liquid Controls founder:

An avid racing enthusiast, jazz musician, and entrepreneur, Fred Wacker was the second American ever to race in the Formula 1 World Championship. However, it was as a successful industrialist that he earned his fame and fortune.

Upon graduating from Yale, Fred worked for AC Delco before joining the U.S. Navy in 1943 as a Senior Fighter Director Officer on the aircraft carrier USS Shamrock Bay during World War II. In 1948, Fred began building his engineering empire as President of Ammco Tools while concurrently indulging in his passion for racing as President of the Sports Car Club of America. During that time he also competed in multiple LeMans and Grand Prix events including five Formula One world championships. Fred survived several crashes including a high-speed crash at the famous Nürburgring.

In 1954 Fred Wacker and George Richards collaborated on the development and patent of the LC-style tri-rotor meter first used by the U.S. Air Force.  Fred retired from racing in 1956, focusing his next 40 years on growing the LC business, and was instrumental in making Liquid Controls the global leader in flow meter technology they are today.


As an IDEX Energy, Advanced Flow Solutions (AFS) brand, Liquid Controls is the global market leader in precision measuring systems providing highly engineered and differentiated products used in custody transfer of highly valuable refined fuels and liquids. From its start in 1954, Liquid Controls has been dedicated to providing high-quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in custody transfer applications. Beginning from the original military aircraft fueling requirement, we now serve a wide variety of applications and markets.

Our manufacturing team is made of the most highly skilled craftspeople in the region, all working together each day to assure that personal care goes into each task that makes up an LC product. We rely on a strong combination of in-house engineered designs and a network of strategically located factory authorized full-service distributors to ensure that our customers around the world are supported with technology tailored to each industry’s particular requirements.

We are more than just the products and services we provide. When you choose Liquid Controls, you are also choosing our values:

Trust – we make and keep commitments to our customers, our channel, our supply chain, and ourselves.

Team – we win together with integrity embrace diversity and put service before self.

Excellence – we act with discipline and focus, we make a positive impact, and we build a legacy of greatness.

We thank you for choosing Liquid Controls first when accuracy counts.

IDEX Corporation

IDEX (NYSE: IEX) is a company that has undoubtedly touched your life in some way. In fact, we make thousands of products that are mission critical components in everyday activities. If you or a family member is battling cancer or another life-threatening disease, your doctor may have tested your DNA in a quest to find the best targeted medicine for you. It’s likely your DNA test was run on equipment that contains components made by our IDEX Health & Science team. You can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables thanks in part to Banjo, an IDEX company. Banjo valves are used on the agriculture sprayers that apply fertilizer on crops. And if you were ever in a car accident, the Hurst Jaws of Life®/LUKAS® tool may have rescued you.

Founded in 1988 with three small, entrepreneurial manufacturing companies, we’re proud to say that we now call 40 diverse businesses around the world part of the IDEX family. With 7,000 employees and manufacturing operations in more than 20 countries, IDEX is a high-performing, global $2+ billion company committed to making trusted solutions that improve lives. For more information, visit www.idexcorp.com