The LCR.iQ® is the most advanced, configurable, and expandable fueling register ever produced.

LC engineers designed the LCR.iQ® from the user’s perspective, resulting in a configurable interface that guides the operator through every fueling event to maximize fueling safety and productivity and minimize risk of error.

LCR.iQ lg Key Features

New Features in v1.13

QR Code Enabled e-TICKETS

A digital version of the ticket data can be retrieved by scanning a QR Code, then forwarded by text message, email, or even uploaded to an existing app on the mobile device.* (patent pending)

Additional New Features in LCR.iQ
  • Definable Fueler Prompts: Prompt the driver with customizable questions prior to or after each delivery such as Customer #, gate # (aviation), driver #, or any additional input you need printed on the ticket or electronic record.

  • Pump start and stop timer control:  Set pump start and stop times relative to the beginning or end of the delivery.

  • Differential Pressure for 4-20mA devices:  Allows configuration of 4-20mA pressure sensors to measure and report dP in aviation applications, in addition to conventional RS-485 connected devices.

  • API Table 60B net volume temperature compensation: Provides an additional net volume temperature compensation method using API table 60B (for 20 °C reference temperature).

  • Net volume indication as a reference:  Allows you to display net volume as a reference value, while maintaining gross volume as the primary indication.

*There are QR Reader apps on Apple and Google Play Stores that may be useful for your application.
Key Features
  • Fully configurable screen data
  • TANKiQ inventory control
  • e-Tickets by QR Code
  • Customizable fueler prompts
  • Wireless data accessibility
  • Wireless Bluetooth printing
  • Digital valve control
  • Pump Start & Stop delay timer
  • Selectable languages
  • Day & night modes
  • LCR.iQ networking
  • SENSEiQ I/O expansion board

User Input & Display
  • Large 7″, 810 x 840 high resolution, full color video quality display
  • Programmable SMART keys for simplified operator controls: “No Training Required”
  • Full alpha numeric keypad with easy arrow selection keys
  • Large Marine Grade, Petroleum Resisitent LED backlit buttons
  • Full screen mode for largest readable digits in the industry (viewable from greater than 100′)
  • Day / Night mode for ease of operator viewing
  • Screen brightness adjustment
  • One-touch, instant onboard diagnotics and help screens
  • User configurable ticket headers and footers
  • User configurable delivery setup screen
  • Real-time on-screen I/O diagnostic indicators and error reporting
  • Large memory storage for future expandability, content, media (images, manuals, etc.)
  • Customizable fueling screen profile by fuel or market type
Refined Fuels / LPG
  • Remote control (e-stop) compatible to Base Systems
  • 3rd party fleet automation connectivity and controls
  • In-cab data and controls accessibility
  • Net temperature compensation
Aviation Features
  • Differential pressure monitoring / shutdown / reporting per JIG 58
  • Manual or Automatic Fuel Density data
  • JIG compliant Water in Fuel monitoring / shutdown / reporting
  • 3rd party fleet automation connectivity and controls
  • Additive injection controls
  • Deadman timer
  • Customizable flight data and customer prompts
General Features
  • Temperature compensation
  • Multi-point calibration
  • Direct meter mount configuration
  • Remote panel mount configuration
  • Removable USB and SD data storage
  • 3rd party data providers open source LCP access
  • Easy upgrade from LCR-II, LCR 600, and conventional registers
  • Lighted internal relays for easy integration & testing
  • Internal telescoping Hinges (eliminates seizing external door Hinges)
Connectivity & I/O
  • 232 and 485 Comm ports
  • Integrated CAN BUS
  • 4-20 mA connections
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Standard embedded Bluetooth and Wifi for multiple wireless device connectivity.
  • Cellular communication (external modem)
  • 50′ cable option
  • Conduit ports (1/2 NPT)
  • Optional Additional I/O expansion modules


LCR.iQ® screens adapt to both the operation and operator displaying the full yellow active fueling screen when “Start” is pressed.  The operator can toggle between full screen and fueling details with a touch of a button.



LCR.iQ® provides the operator the first ever day/night modes with brightness control options to ensure optimum view-ability in daytime, and comfort to the eyes during nighttime fueling.



The LCR.iQ provides highly accurate tank level inventory control for up to 12 products.  Each tank can be configured by product, tank size, or measurement method used.

TANKiQ™ Auto-Calibration technology (patent pending) eliminates complex tank strapping charts.  Simply plug in a 4-20mA level sensor and the LCR.iQ will build a tank strapping profile and continuously re-calibrate the volumes with each delivery to ensure precise, real-time management and reporting.



Retail Sale split-screen displays the total price of the sale along with the total volume delivered in large digits similar to a retail fuel pump.

Flow Rate split-screen displays the real-time flow rate in large digits above the total volume for easy viewing from a distance.



The LCR.iQ® fully supports multiple languages on operator-level screens for increased safety and accuracy in fueling.

Available languages include: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Greek



Wireless printing via Bluetooth improves driver efficiency as well as reduces complexity of in-cab integration of conventional wired printers.  Drivers can now “print where they are” to reduce trips to the cab and speed up deliveries.

Multi-Register Networking

An unlimited number of LCR.iQ registers can be networked together through a master register which serves as the communication hub for printing and LCP data messages without the need of a multi-plex box (aka mux box).

LC Family of Meters and LCR.iQ One Register, Many Applications